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What If ?

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Currently I have a HR10-250 and an old RCA SD receiver connected so I can view Picture in Picture on my TV.
What if I get the new HR-20 or HR21 so I can view the new HD channels that are being launched soon.
How can I keep both receivers so that I can view both in HD ? I do not want to loose Tivo but still want the new channels.
Currently the HR10-250 is connected via HDMI and I have an option for an additional HDMI connection on my TV
I know that I would need to upgrade the dish and have another cable installed for a total of 4. Just connect the additional receiver via HDMI ? Would that be the easiest way ?
Currently when I view PIP on my TV the SD receiver is connected via TV mode not HDMI, so I am viewing 2 pictures 1 via HDMI and 1 via TV. Will I still be able to view PIP via the two HDMI's ?

If this is convoluted or confusing I apologize
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Yes, it's that simple. I have my HR 10 and my HR 20 connected to my TV by HDMI. It works fine. I don't think that PIP will work this way however.
This same question just came up in a different thread. Here is that answer...

Many of us kept our TiVo's and added the HR20 just as you are suggesting.

Check out this thread: HR10-250 and MPEG4; Upgrade Offer

As to the HR20, many have used this to get a great deal:

Add a new receiver for $19

You could keep your TiVo for OTA and SD and the 9 MPG2 channels as long as they are broadcast. You would also have the HR20 for OTA, SD, old HD, and all the new HD. You can also get up to $120 in programming credits.

If you were going to stay with DIRECTV anyway, Those credits might covers the cost of the $4.99 mirror/lease fee for 24 months as well.

With two receivers you could record 4 games or programs at once. If your TV is capable, you now have PIP DLB! Watch two games at once!

You can have the best of both worlds. Free is good.

- Craig
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It lot depends on the TV. Some may not allow PiP with two HDMI inputs active, however, an HDMI with component may work. You need to check your TV's manual.
I have my HR10 and HR20 both connected with HDMI, and I can not do PIP. I have both HRXX's set at 1080i of course. If I find the time, I was going to try setting them both at a lesser res and see if PIP would work then.
The TV will determine what you can do. Some TVs can do PIP with different types of HD inputs (HDMI versus Component). Some can only do analog (SD) in the second window. I haven't worked with a TV that can do PIP with two HDMI sources. I assume they exist but the ones I have set up for friends do not do two digital sources at once.
My tv's will only allow pip with one digital source and one analog source at a time. Never both analog or both digital. HDMI on one and component on the other works fine.
I love watching PIP on my Mitsubishi. With two receivers it is wonderful. My Sony can do this as well. You can split 50/50 or a variety of other options.

Now that is real DLB PIP! I use it to:

Watch a game on the side while I watch a movie...

Check the news on the side while I a game...

Watch two games real time and just click the audio back and forth...

Now that's DLB!

- Craig
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