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What Home Media Features Work With TiVo Basic and Networked TiVo?

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I have a Toshiba RS-TX20, which comes standard with TiVo Basic. I did the free trial of TiVo Plus, but for now have decided to stick with Basic. I'll soon be receiving the TiVo-branded 802.11g wireless adapter to connect the TiVo to my wireless network. Does anyone have a summary of what Home Media features I WILL and WON'T have by sticking with Basic, such as:

- TiVo-To-Go?
- Transfer recordings to PC?
- Online Scheduling?
- Music and Photos?
- Other features?

Thanks for the help :)
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To expand on that - TiVo Basic only supports networking for the calls home. All other features are part of TiVo Plus.
I believe the Guide only goes out 3 days instead of the usual 14 also.
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