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What happened to the Tivo 'ding'?

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I have now paired my Tivo Roamio Plus & Tivo Minis (one 92000 & one 93000) all with Vox voice remotes w/dongles.

However, I noticed that the 'ding' when pressing the Tivo button & in other places is now gone.

I know that in the old menu settings there was an option for the 'ding', but I don't see that on the Hydra settings.

Before anyone says anything ... I hate that ding ... BUT .... my mom is legally blind and will probably need the ding.

Any help is appreciated.
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Your audio setting has to be PCM to be able to hear the "ding."
My ding as well as sounds when FF come and go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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