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mjwagner said:
During the 2005 CES Directv made a big splash about the Home Media Center resulting in months of talk and speculation on this and other discussion boards.

Now that the 2006 CES is over I have a simple question.

What happened to the Hopme Media Center. Not a peep out of Directv.

Anyone know what the deal is?
IMO, the reason that you saw noting was the new box, called "home media AV center 2 is being put together by NDS/Samsung and was talked over at "by invite"
only booth at a differant hotel location as CES......more here.............
quote:The server has five tuners, a 300 GB hard drive for storage, IP connectivity, two USB 2.0 ports, router capabilities and VoIP. With the new server, consumers will be able to enjoy High Definition programming in multiple rooms, they can transfer content - such as video, music, games and photos - between the DVR and portable devices, and they can control a range of peripheral devices such as printers and security cameras.
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