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Well, I for one would pay for a whole house HD streaming DVR. I was looking forward to the home media center and am disappointed to hear that they are backing off of the concept. That does not bode well.

I am lucky enough to have a new home with ample wiring. I have two 1GB CAT6 going to every room. I have 4 RG6 going to every HDTV room and 2 RG6 going to SD rooms. I have 2HD TVs, 1 HD projector, and 2 SD TVs.

My wish list:

I want an integrated media solution without spending tens of thousands. How much would I spend? I would easily spend up to $2000 for the server and $500 for each HD client and $200 for each SD client. I could be convinced to spend more.

Only one box per TV. IOW, I don't want a separate satellite receiver, DVD player, media center interface, etc. All in one box.

Option to pay a little more for clients with DVD player/burners to be able to easily record content to DVD from any media on the server or network.

Ability to integrate a DVD changer into the server so that any DVD can be played from any client in the house.

Of course, make sure that the change supports BD or HD-DVD when available.

Ability to feed 8 clients minimum simultaneous.

Must support up to 4 simultaneous streams from the server to clients and have the ability to view live satellite in HD.

Server must have 4 sat tuners and 2 OTA tuners and be able to record 4 things simultanously.

Must have the ability to view photos and play MP3s from another shared computer on the network from any client.

Must have HDMI and component output on the HD clients.

Must have all the functionality of TiVo including guide/folders/season pass/wishlists

Basically, I want a complete media system that allows me to access any of my media from anywhere in the house. I gotta believe that there is hardware that is up to the task. With GB Ethernet and compression, that should be able to do it. Processing power is not an issue, just expense. We just need someone to step up and give us what we want.

Will this ever come to fruition?

106 Posts
SpankyInChicago said:
So, in essence you are willing to spend about $6,000 for 8 clients.

I think with products currently on the market and some work you could cobble something together for that price.

Of course, having an "out of the box" solution would be much nicer. And I agree. I'd pay $6,000 for this too.
Well, I should have been specific and stated that the server itself should be able to also be a client. It should have HDMI and component out and have a DVD player/burner. That would cut down the total cost to about:

$2000 Server
$1000 2 - HD clients
$ 400 2 - SD clients

I would probably be willing to pay $6000 though if I knew it would work. As you mentioned, an "out of the box" solution is the way to go. I don't want some half-baked solution at that price.
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