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What do I need for OTA and DirecTV HD in two rooms

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I have two HR10-250's and two HDTV's. Currently I have a triple LNB dish.

Two cables go to one HR10-250 and two to the other for the dual tuners.

I have an OTA antenna but it is only connected to the one HR10-250 in the living room.

I want the OTA channels in the bedroom too.

I assume all I need is a 6x8 multiswitch and two diplexors.

I have been going round and round with DirecTV on this.

I have had two service appoinments get canceled hours before they are supposed to arrive telling me that they do not have the correct work order for this install.

I told them what I need and they just don't get it.

They are supposed to be here tomorrow again for this install. But I don't know what is going to happen.
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If you have the OTA run directly to the one HDTV, just use a common splitter and run another line to the other HDTV.

BTW, the 6x8 multiswitch doesn't have the input to diplex OTA.

You could add a 5x8 to your setup and diplex the OTA into the OTA input, then use diplexers at the TVs. Or use diplexers for the OTA on one of the lines to the bedroom.
It seems that since everything is in place already and your only need is just adding one OTA line to the 2nd tivo, that what jim said is easiest and you hopefully dont need DTV for doing it. You can even buy a powered amp if splitting degrades the signal. Personally I wouldn't mess with multiswitches unless the problem is that feeding another OTA wire is that difficult. Then i can see the need to diplex, but even then, you can diplex without a m/s since you only need the 4 lines from the dish in your current configuation.

in short, if you only have 2 tivos, you dont need a m/s to do what you want.

also note that down the road, if you need OTA with mpeg4, you can't diplex with that new dish setup.
I can not run another line to the bedroom, my attic is sealed off and I don't have access to it anymore. When I originally ran the two lines to the bedroom for the HD TiVo I had access to the attic.

Long story short, I did some remodeling and sealed up the only entrance to the attic that I had.

I guess the DirecTV guy could fish two new lines into the bedroom by taping them to the existing cable and pulling them through. Not sure though.

The DirecTV guy is coming today and told me on the phone that a 6x8 multiswitch and diplexors are required and the DirecTV prefered install method.

Guess I will find out soon.
find out his explanation as to why you need a 6x8. We'd like to hear it as well a what else he does
newsposter said:
find out his explanation as to why you need a 6x8. We'd like to hear it as well a what else he does
He installed a splitter on the OTA cable. One side went to the living room TV, the other side went to a diplexor combined with the satellite cable. He added another diplexor on the bed room TV and all is well.

I am surprised this worked so well considering I have two OTA antennas combined with a ChannelMaster join-tenna then split and diplexed.

I am glad it works though.
I"m glad it works too. So do you have more than 4 lines going into the 6x8?
newsposter said:
I"m glad it works too. So do you have more than 4 lines going into the 6x8?
They are not using a 6x8, the guy said that will not work. He also said that when I need the new dish for MPEG4, the current multiswitches will not work either.
See i'm no expert but to me it just seems that whoever they upgrade in the larger metro areas now, should really get the 5lnb etc because they will just have to give you a free/cheap upgrade later on anyways. I guess they are banking on a lot of people not getting mpeg4 in the upgraded areas enough to warrant only doing piecemeal upgrades.
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