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Circa 1996 when I first installed my first DTV dish... they had two. Single LNB and Dual LNB... outward apperance, they where identical. But there was only 1 feed available off the Single LNB...

Fast forward to today, those "Single LNBs" are rare... thus we refer to the Single LNB dishes are those with just ONE "hockey" puck on it.

So... it is possible that you will need a new dish, it is possible that you won't... Unless you climb up there, and pull the LNB section off and see if it has 1 or two feeds... you won't know for sure.

There is no multiswitch you can use, if you truely have a Single LNB dish... you have no choice but to upgrade your dish.

Sadly... Unless someone goes up there to physically pull the LNB assembly off the dish and check it out... there is not a 100% way to know for sure... unless maybe you have your original invoice with a part number on it.

If you do need a new dish... might as well go with the latest and greatest AT9 dish (5 LNBs and ready for the new SAT signals)
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