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What Comcast/Xfinity services are NOT available with a TiVo box?

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I'm looking at getting a TiVo box for use with Comcast. Formerly, On Demand was disabled for TiVo users, which was a deal breaker for me (and seems like it should have been an anti-trust violation, but I digress). Now, apparently, Comcast is no longer imposing that limitation. But, I'm worried that I'm missing something. I don't find on either the Comcast or the TiVo sites a statement that all of the Comcast/Xfinity TV services are now available to TiVo users. Of course, apparently the Comcast TV Guide wouldn't be available, because that's what the TiVo monthly service charge is for. Other than that, anybody know what (if any) benefits I'd be giving up by taking back Comcast's cable box, and getting a TiVo box instead?

P.s. I'd have posted the link to the Comcast TIVO FAQ page, except that this forum precludes people who have not already done at least 5 posts from including a URL.
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I was just told that the link I would have posted is misleading, in that it referred to using the TiVo service through a Comcast cable box -- and the Comcast continues to disable On Demand for people using TiVo boxes. Grrrrr (not at TiVo, but at Comcast)
The on-demand is what you give up.
You gain space (Comcast boxes I think are still 160GB, TiVo up to 2TB)
You gain ability to transfer shows from one TiVo to another or to PC or iPad, etc.
You gain ability to transfer show TO the TiVo. Like home movies or your iTunes library.
Comcast boxes go up to 500mb, although getting those is very difficult. 320mb is more common.
I'm not sure why you are upset with Comcast. Comcast is under no obligation to provide OnDemand content on a Tivo box. They don't even have the technical capability unless they work with Tivo.

That being said, what you are asking for is being worked on. Comcast will begin providing Premiere's to customers and OnDemand will be available on those boxes (you should assume that Amazon, Netflix, etc will NOT be available on the boxes received from Comcast directly so you will be at a disadvantage).

This box was announced a few months ago. Just keep in mind that the last time Tivo and Comcast worked on something they announced it in 2005. We didn't see a product until 2008 and they gave up on it almost immediately. It was implemented in one test market and never expanded. Let's hope things are different this time around.
I have found that going with a triple play deal from Comcast includes a comcast HD box as part of the price. At the time I also needed a second Comcast HD box for another TV set. It was only about $1 more to get one of their DVR box's instead of the straight HD box. I put the straight box that came as part of the package on the second TV and have their DVR and my TivoHD so I can switch back and forth between them on the main TV.
Here's my beef and everyone is dancing around the issue. Comcast advertised "on-demand" service and if you inquire with anyone in customer service it is "included in your monthly charge". THEREFORE, we are all paying for something that we are not and can not receive.

That, my fellow frustrated Comcast/TiVo fans is the gist of the problem. Comcast should cease and desist the false advertising. Ok, they'll put some disclaimer in the ads in font size no one can read, but the way I see it they owe all of us for the past amounts we paid for a service we didn't get.
.... Comcast advertised "on-demand" service ... "included in your monthly charge". ... we paid for a service we didn't get.
Good point. What I don't understand is why Comcast seems to want us to be unhappy customers, by not making it easy for us to get full TIVO and Comcast services bundled together, for some reasonable price. Yesterday an ATT door-to-door salesman came by, telling us we now have fiber optic service available, and would also get one of ATT's much better DVR's (giving us DVR access through every other set in the house, for merely $7 / set). Didn't quite convince us to go through the hassle of a changeover, but we were much more interested than Comcast should have wanted us to be.
In this thread Morac provides information and links that Comcast has committed to provide OnDemand access on the TiVo Premier series of DVRs and this is going to be rolled out to areas in waves.

I guess I'd have to say I'm even impressed that the Premier will even be able to handle the OnDemand service. Keep in mind that the OnDemand technology that Comcast provides is unique to their product, just like you can't use a Premier with Dish or DirecTV. I believe it is about the technology, not about Comcast not wanting to provide you the service.

I like the TiVo functionality so much better than the standard Comcast DVR that I wouldn't mind paying $8/month for a basic receiver to get the OnDemand until it's available on the Premier.
I just bought a new 3d tv, joined this forum, and spent about an hour on the phone with comcast... so my head is exploding with trying to absorb new technology, but what PrimeRisk just said is consistent with what I'm understanding. If I want to continue to be able to use the on-demand services, I need to get a comcast box. I think I can continue to use my Tivo as my main interface, with the menues etc. that I know and love, but can switch over to the comcast remote and interface if I decide to watch On-demand content. I just have two pieces of equipment, whereas if I got the HD DVR box from Comcast both functions would be combined.

My problem is I have a series 2 Tivo and I don't think it works with HD. So my decision is should I buy a new Tivo for $99 and continue to pay the Tivo annual fee, or should I pay the extra $5.99/month to Comcast and be assimilated?
Hi Sharon, welcome to the forum. You are correct, your Series 2 only handles standard definition. To get a HD picture via TiVo you'd have to upgrade to a Series 3, HD, or Premiere. I think you'll find that after a little while with the Comcast DVR you'll be longing for your TiVo interface.
Hi Prime,

Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I've been reading a little more, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to just buy a Premiere. It seems like a small price to pay for not only the Tivo interface, but with this new TV and the dark rainy winter ahead, I'm going to want to stream more stuff from Netflix and other web sources. I'm already missing my Season Passes to all the new shows...
Lets be clear here.

Comcast makes its on-demand materials available online to customers through a PC, and this service is not disabled by your having a TiVo. There is just no way to access this content, at this time, through your TiVo.
Just a note, I will not be upgrading to a Premiere after all. Maybe it was an unreasonable expectation, but still having half a year of subscription left on the old Tivo series 2, I thought there would be some way to credit some amount of my payment toward a month or two of service on the new Tivo. After three frustrating e-mail exchanges with customer support, it's clear I'm out of luck. I'm finding this comcast box isn't too terrible after all. If TiVo isn't interested in a token credit back to someone who was willing to buy a new TiVo and even a lifetime subscription for it, I'm not so interested in forking over my money.
Actually they're giving you a $100 credit automatically. Since you already have a subscribed TiVo, the lifetime subscription is only $399 instead of $499. I'm not sure what your subscription plan is at, but even if you are at the $19.95/month price, the $100 discount makes up for most of your remaining 6 months.

The way I look at it, Comcast charges $15.95/month to have their HD DVR. If you buy a Premiere for $99 + $399 lifetime sub, your break even point is under 3 years. If you take a monthly TiVo subscription at $19.95/month, then you're only paying $4 more per month to have the TiVo functionality; even less if you want more than 1 Premiere. For me, that's a good deal to get all of the additional TiVo functionality.
yeah, I see your point, financially, it's really more of a feel-good thing right now. In a few months when I'm heartily sick of Comcast I'll probably relent!
will Tivo ever have a on Demand function with any cable card. hopefully soon
will Tivo ever have a on Demand function with any cable card. hopefully soon
Comcast has committed to deliver On Demand to its TiVo Premiere customers.

Check out this article for more info:

I just bought the TiVo 2 DVR at a garage sale
And was wondering if I need Tivo service to
connect to my Comcast cable and record programs?

Als, do I need a TiVo remote control to operate the

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