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mitkraft said:
Tivo Didn't make my Philips HDR212 but it sure as heck IS a tivo. And it doesn't do anything my HR10-250 can't do so I'm going to have to vote with JimSpence here and say that it is indeed a Tivo.

I "get" what TonyTheTiger said but I just don't agree with it.
Here's my understanding of what is "Tivo":

It could be wrong, but I'd lay long odds that it is correct.

"Tivo" the company, is a software company. All hardware that contains the Tivo OS is built by 3rd-party manufacturers. Software is useless without a platform to run it, and since it can't (yet) run on a PC or Mac, then by default, every Tivo OS runs on a proprietary hardware platform of some kind.

That would mean that every "Tivo" (speaking of the hardware) is not really the hardware, but is technically just the software OS running on that hardware. On the other hand, we who buy, own and love "Tivo", have customarily come to refer to the box itself colloquially, as a Tivo, but Tivo the company likes to think of the hardware as somewhat agnostic (even if propietary) and that "Tivo" is really just the OS that powers that platform. Technically, that is correct. After all, they own the name, the software, and the company, so they get to position the product any way they want, and this strategic positioning leaves the door open for inclusion of "Tivo" in other products, such as DVD recorders and computers.

Additionally, a Tivo platform that also contains a DTV receiver has always been customarily referred to as a "DirecTivo", although I don't think any of us have ever seen that name in official literature or directly on the badging.

So everybody is right. Tivo is software, and Tivo is a software company, and the platforms that run that software are "Tivos" by default regarding common usage (even if technically incorrect) of the term. The verb "Tivo" even means to record TV programs to a HDD in common usage.

Do we really need to split the atom over what this really means? I think we can all agree to let "Tivo" the company define what "Tivo" means, yet they will have to accept that the term is so popular that it has grown in meaning to encompass other meanings, none of which affects other products like the HR20, other than the CSR's who still like to claim "Oh, it has Tivo in it.", which is just so wrong I want to beat their pointed little heads against a wall (sorry...I had a little spell just there...I'm all better now). To take the explanation any further would be to split hairs needlessly (and many will confirm my expert status at that :)).

So the "information" given for the purpose of "clarifying", seems to have had quite the opposite effect, but hopefully we can put now this line of inquiry to bed.
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