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What cables come with TCD24008A?

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does anyone know what cables come with the TiVo Series 2, 80-hr DVR, model#TCD24008A?

Want to purchase used one but not sure if all cables that come with it are still there.

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Originally they shipped with:

Power cord
composite video+audio cable (Yellow, Red, White ends)
25-foot phone cord
Phoneline splitter
IR control cable (a.k.a. the IR blaster)
coaxial cable

But I would say the most-important piece to make sure you get is the peanut-shaped remote control, because the machine is useless without the remote. And possibly the IR blaster cable if you require one for your setup. All the others are easily available just about anywhere.

See the Tivo.com site for the user manuals and such. The TCD240080 would be Series-2 "pre-July 2004"
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There is also a serial cable to control a cable box or sat. receiver if that kind of connection is available.
The important ones to get is the IR cable and the serial cable if needed. All others can general be obtained form local retailers. A couple Tivos I got from eBay deals had no cabling or accessories, but I made due with a universal remote, generic figure-8 power cord, off-the-shelf a/v cables, and a home-made IR blaster.
classicsat said:
but I made due ... a home-made IR blaster.
You have a "home-made" IR blaster?
Pray, tell.
Simple, chunk of speaker wire with 1/8" plug, IR LED soldered to other end, LED positive (anode) to tip of plug, cathode to sleeve, and attached to some piece to aim to satellite receiver.

On another receiver, I built in an optocoupler to directly connect in parallel with the IR receiver (IR window taped over with black electrical tape), LED side to cord with 1/8" plug. Works rather well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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