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This is one of the misunderstood issue with "lifetime" or "All-In". The Lifetime is not for hardware. It's for the service like the guide, software updates and the programming database. Not for hardware. There is a different "charge" when you pay monthly and some part fails. Then the charge is low for a repair/replacement.
Lifetime/All-in service is tied to the device which is what the OP is asking about and if he can "move" that to another TiVo via hardware magic. :) (The answer is not with the Premiere). He's not asking about if that service provides repair/replacement for the hardware.


All-In Plan
The All-In Plan ($599.99 one-time fee, plus any applicable taxes) replaces Product Lifetime Service (PLS). The All-In Plan provides service for the life of the TiVo device for which it is purchased, and remains with the device in the event of an ownership transfer. The All-In Plan is available for TiVo BOLT Series Unified Entertainment Systems and Roamio Pro DVRs. Devices that already have PLS will continue to receive service for the life of the device.

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