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I was amazed about the cool DVR that TiVo sold, and how well the TiVo worked for my needs.

Nowadays, however, what amazes me about TiVo is their tone-deafness towards the customer and the future.

I keep getting these promotional emails that are all agog about the TiVos and that they are on sale!

But those emails do not answer any of my fundamental questions about TiVo and the future.
  • why is TiVo's program guide being allowed to deteriorate more and more with each passing month? The program guide is a fundamental core aspect of the TiVo user experience, yet TiVo does not seem to be concerned about the deteriorating usefulness of the program guide.
  • now that it appears that Comcast, a very major cable TV provider, is moving towards full IP delivery of program content, i.e., leaving QAM behind, what are TiVo's plans to support Comcast's IPTV capabilities in the future?
  • pre-roll advertisements. This is a new addition to TiVo's customer-antagonistic attitude, and a very significant impediment to my usage of the TiVo.
So instead of sending me breathless promotional emails, trying to get me to buy more TiVos, maybe TiVo should use those promotional emails to tell me how they plan to address those very significant concerns about the long-term viability of the TiVo concept.

In other words, why should I buy yet another TiVo now, knowing that in the next two or three years it could be little more than a doorstop?
Hmm your right. I'm thinking about sending a long email to tivo

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