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I heard all the hype and bought the Humax 40GB with DVR and spent the $$ on lifetime product subscription and now regret it all.

What type of engineering, or lack of, would prompt a vendor only provide a composite input to a device that provides component outputs? These units should have some type of 'modern day' input interface (DVI, component, etc) verses a video technology that is from the original VCR days.

Great idea...take a crappy composite signal, off a high def box, and make it record from that is just plain stupid. Also, someone should' a thunk this one out too...using a cable box to get the channels from the cable (Comcast) and then force you to watch it if you want to record the channel. Sure I can do the double-connection deal and watch through a VCR or the TV tuner, but that provides to premium cable channels.

I could have done better in my basement with rabbit ears, a 13" TV and a toothbrush.

BTY... advertising this as a 40GB recording device is scandalous. That is only for the lowest quality and the quality is so poor. The lowest, useable viewing quality level gives about half of the advertised storage, if that.

Pissed? Yup! :mad:

:down: :down: :down: :down: :down:

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Take a breath. First of all that unit can't record high definition on either the hard drive or on the DVD so there's no need to provide anything higher than s-video. The component outputs are there because you may want to play prerecorded DVDs in 480p. If you want HiDef recording you should get one that will. Could they have done better? Yes, at a higher price.

All TiVos have been listed as up to xx hours recording capability. The box/manual will say that it depends on the recording quality.

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the TiVo only records an Analog SD signal, it could not make use of component in or digital in. The component out is only there becasue of the DVD player that can put out better than SD picture. This TiVo was never billed as a HD recorder.

and how do you propose this box get access to the digital signal of Comcast except via a Set Top Box?

fortunately there is an answer to this, check my sig for a post from a TiVo employee that a dual Tuner HD TiVo DVR will be out in 2006. It will make use of an FCC mandated open standard to access cable companies' digital signal via a small PCMCIA like cable card do a search on that in this forum to find lots of posts about it. A nice feature is you put the canle card into the TiVo and then hook the cable up and no set top box and clunky wire to control it is needed.

unfortunately this means you bought a Tivo a little too quickly before finding this out. But you can sell the TiVo on Ebay and easily get your lifetime back plus more for the DVD recorder

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mec1991 said:
What are you missing here? Well, obviously you did no research whatsoever before you bought one so that is your mistake.

"Hype" about a Humax product? Please...
I can't imagine buying a product and not even checking out what connectors are available in the back..each and every complaint he has could have been explained on one visit to the TiVo website.

However, it's doubtful we'll here from him again; another of the "I have to complain so I register just long enough to post than disapear". Hopefully. ;)


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audiocrawford said:
I can't imagine buying a product and not even checking out what connectors are available in the back.
You have't seen my brother's HT setup. He bought it almost totally on impulse, getting a somewhat workable system, but not entirely flexible.

It features:
Eiki 480 line projector (can downconvert 1080i though), with two component/VGA inputs, one composite, one S-video.
Pioneer Surround receiver, with no video switching, and not enough inputs
Lower end Pioneer speaker set, with dinky wires.
Pioneer Progressive DVD player.
A DVD player/VCR combo, whose VCR side is mono audio only (the boneheadedest choice IMO, he should have got a good stereo Hi-Fi VCR, with two inputs).
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