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I know there are many issues with the new HD Tivo box, which I am sure will be rectified in the near future. However, I wanted to submit a positive post.

I moved from Indiana to South Texas 4 weeks ago. Previously, I was using an HR10-250 with Directv. I really liked the Tivo box, but really didn't appreciate how good it was until I made the transition from Directv to TWC. I decided to try TWC due to their triple-play package consisting of digital cable, digital phone and cable internet at a very attractive price. I knew that their DVR boxes didn't stack up to the Tivo boxes, but I thought they couldn't be that bad. Bottom line...they are awful, especially if you are spoiled by Tivo.

After suffering through the TWC supplied DVRs for several weeks, I decided to give the new HD Tivo a shot. I knew from following the posts on this forum, that some folks were having numerous problems with the Tivo. However, I decided that anything would be better than the junk boxes supplied by TWC, so I ordered one from the Tivo store.

Until I installed the new Tivo, I found myself rarely watching TV. It was just a pain to use the TWC boxes. After installing the new Tivo, I find myself with a big smile on my face while using Tivo again. It feels like finding an old friend.

Although I have subscribed to the TWC digital package, I have not yet installed cable cards. Therefore, I am just getting the analog channels. I did install an antenna in my attic, so all of my HD is from OTA.

I realize that most of the problems folks are having with the Tivo is in conjunction with the use of cable cards. Since I haven't had cable cards installed yet, the Tivo is working perfectly for me. The analog channels look better through the Tivo than the SD digital channels looked with the TWC box. The OTA picture quality is of course excellent.

I think I will downgrade my TWC package to just the extended basic and save some money, as the HD channels that TWC offers are very slim. I probably wouldn't watch most of those anyway.

In summation, I am as happy as a pig in mud to have my Tivo back. I'm sure that Tivo will get the cable card issues worked out eventually. For those of you that are suffering through those growing pains, just keep in mind that Tivo is still the best DVR box available, so be patient.

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