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I currently have an HR10-250 in which I do not pay for any of the HD programming through DirecTV -- but I do use it for OTA recording of the Big 4 networks.

For football season on the Big Ten Network in HD, I just pulled the trigger to get my HR10 'swapped' for an HR20, and get to keep the HR10 as well.

I know I will now need to pay the $10/month HD Access fee to get the HD channels (ESPN and BTN), as well as being able to record OTA on the HR20.

However, what happens in 6 months when I decide I no longer want any HD from the sats, and turn off the HD Access, and stop paying the $10/month? I am pretty sure I will not be able to record OTA with the HR20, but will I lose that ability with the HR10 as well?

In essence: with giving up my grandfathered status with the way the HD system use to work, is my HR10 now 'tainted' and will never be able to record HD OTA unless I pay the HD Access fee?

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