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Weird channel issue (not Tivo's fault)

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I'm running a Tivo HD using ATSC antenna reception. Over the weekend one of my HD channels, 35-1 out of Richmond VA, kept going away, the screen was just grey on Tivo.

I switched to my TV tuner (Tivo totally out of the equation) and the same problem was there, no channel 35-1. However, after some exploring I found channel 35-1 was broadcasting on 26-3. Why 26-3 I don't know. Later it switched back to 35-1, then went back to 26-3 again. The last couple days have been stable.

Doubtless this is some sort of technical glitch on the station's part, but how common is this? Has anyone else experienced it in their area?
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35-1 is just the remapped channel, it is actually on channel 26.

PSIP is the program responsible for remapping the channel so ATSC tuners tuned to channel 26 will report they are on 35-1 (or 35-2 or 35-3).

If PSIP crashes, the ATSC tuner tuned to channel 26 will report it is on 26-1 or 26-2 or 26-3 etc.

It's not that common for most stations, more common with others.

Depends on the stability of their PSIP computer and how often someone checks on it to make sure it is working.

We had one station here that didn't quite understand the nature of digital TV was waiting till right before primetime to turn on the PSIP computer, then turning it off after primetime was over, since this was the only time of day they were airing HD material.
I had to double up my season passes for all CW programming.
One SP for 30-1, and another for 48-3, their actual frequency.

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Interesting. If it keeps happening I'll write the station and tell them I'm having trouble viewing their programs. That should get their attention.
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