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Weird bug discovered since 9.1 Update

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If this has been reported elsewhere, I apologize and would someone supply the link?

I just noticed the following in my To Do List since my 9.1 update:

I have several recordings scheduled (via Season Passes) on channel 231, which is the HD version of the local ABC affiliate. When I select one of them from the list, there is a notation that says "Make sure channel 231 is selected in your channel list, or call your local cable company to order the channel". My only option on the page is "Hit SELECT to go back". No "Record as scheduled", "View upcoming episodes" or "Cancel only this episode" choices are available.

So I go to my "Channel list" and 231 is selected. I go to watch live TV and hit 231 and the TV changes to 231. I put the Guide on and complete listings for 231 are there. I had wanted to extend the time of one of the recordings and I was able to go into my Season Pass manager and change it there (but for all episodes, of course). Only the To Do List seems to be manifesting this problem and only for this one channel.

So I called TiVo Support on the phone and the guy is as puzzled as I am. He has me delete the Season Pass and re-enter it,. but I still get the same symptoms. He suggests that the program will record as it was supposed to and sure enough, later last night, it did record, just as it was supposed to. He gave me a problem reference number, but no solution.

As workarounds, I suppose I could cancel a single recording right from the To Do List and I suppose I could see all episodes from the "Find Programs" or even the "Now Playing" list, but this is still a bug and an inconvenience and a mystery. Has anybody else seen this?
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