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WeaKnees Interactive Online TiVo Upgrade Instructions

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We're pleased to announce the release of a new set of TiVo Upgrade Instructions for the do-it-yourselfer who would prefer not to buy a "plug and play" hard drive.

The interactive website will create an individualized set of upgrade instructions based on the specifics of your upgrade (including your specific TiVo model, whether you want to back up your drive, whether you are adding or replacing a drive, and so on).

Our interactive site can and should be used in conjunction with the other upgrade tools and resources (including Hinsdale's guide), and we hope this will prove to be a useful addition to the upgrade resources already out there.

Here's the link:


Enjoy--and good luck!

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Well I just told it to do an upgrade to a DSR6k, replacing both drives, yes backup, no FAT, yes XP/2k, CD, ignore recordings, and not older than 2.5 and I got an error on step 4.

Thanks for checking out the site. We've fixed the problem you came upon - if you find more, please post again or email us so that we can keep tuning the site.

We're looking for comments like this so that we can make it a complete, streamlined site.

I set the following parameters:

Sony SAT T-60
Replace with Two Drives
Backup yes
Fat Partition on C yes
Windows XP yes
Boot CD
Save Recordings
Older than 2.5 no

It goes through how to verify the drive sizes, and then how to reinstall the drives in the Tivo without any of the intervening steps to make the back up and pipe the recordings over to the new drive set.

It is very nice, however, on configurations that work. Great tool.

Now, if someone would make one for large hard drives, that would be impressive :D

Went through that one on Sunday, flipping back and forth between Todd Miller's instructions, Das Monkey's instructions and Hinsdale. Phew!!!
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boxster99t -

I've tried this several times and I do get the pipe backup and restore. Are you sure those are the option you used? That does create steps to do the backup first (since you are choosing that option) but later shows the backup|restore step.

very strange, it does work now as you said, but it sure didn't when I wrote my post. And I had to go back and re-selected the parameters when I wrote it. Go figure--it is very nice in any case.
OK - thanks for checking again. I have made some minor changes in places, but I'm pretty sure nothing would have affected that. In any event, glad to hear that it works correctly now, and thanks again for taking the time to troubleshoot and report back.

Originally posted by boxster99t
very strange, it does work now as you said, but it sure didn't when I wrote my post. And I had to go back and re-selected the parameters when I wrote it. Go figure--it is very nice in any case.
Actually, I take back what I just wrote, but I think it must be something with our server/firewall blocking some of the content. The instructions initially appear, all in grey boxes, but after leaving the window minimized on my desktop, something happens because it displays just like I said in my original post--it now has none of the instructions for performing the backup or piping the content to the new drive set.

I actually tried to save it so I could email you the page, but the version of IE we use won't let you save that page as html. Anyway the problem looks like something on my end.

'D00, DOO, DOO, DOO' welcome to the twilight zone ;)
Here is what I just tried:

Single Large Drive

I didn't get an option to tell the site, that this is already an UPGRADE DUAL drive system, and I wanted to go back to a SINGLE Larger Drive.

I have the stock 40 and an additional 60 in my DTivo1

I would like to go back to one single drive.

According to Hinsdale, I can do this, but only if I don't keep my recordings.

Great site though.

One recommendation... If there is a way you can give an option to generate a PDF file. This way "in a pinch" if I lose a page of the instructions after computer A is down, I can take that PDF file to another unit and print it out. Or have it in my Handheld unit, vs paper.

Just an idea, as we are converting a lot of our web based reports to PDF files for archiving purposes.
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ebonovic -

Interesting idea on the PDF. Of course you can always print the page or select the text and email it to your pager, I guess.

On the issue of a non-stock TiVo, that's right, this site only works for stock TiVos. I'll make that clear on the first page.

I'm new here so you'll have to bear with me on this one.

I've gone through your steps weakness and got down to the mfsbackup and mfs restore command but I am running into a problem.

My setup on my computer is
c: (ME) - aka hda
d: destination drive - aka hdb
e: cddrive -aka hdc

I've successfully made a backup.bak drive which resides on my c: drive, but I'm not sure I'm gettting the complete command to restore correctly.

I've tried all variations of:
mfsbackup - Tao - /dev/hdX | mfsrestore -s 127 -xzpi - /dev/hdZ

but I keep on getting error messages that I have the source wrong (sorry) i'm on a different OS right now and don't remember the exact message).

What should the hdX and the hdZ be in the above command?

I'm basically taking my original drive and replacing it with a new one.

Thanks in advance,
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What drive is your original TiVo boot drive?

I took the original tivo drive out, it was the hdb. Should that be left in? I assumed (which might be bad on my part) that I could do a restore from the .bak file on my hda drive directly to the hdb drive.

When I first started my setup was:
c: (ME) - aka hda
b: Original Tivo drive - aka hdb
c: CD rom - aka hdc

When I got to the restore, my setup is now:
c: (me) - aka hda
b: new hard drive - aka hdb
c: cd rom - aka hdc

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You can do the restore, but not with recordings. If you want to save your recordings (you chose that option on the site) then you need to leave the original drive in the TiVo. If you don't need the recordings, just re-run the site with "ignore" chosen and you can pick up where you left off. Otherwise, you need both old and new drives in the PC (but not the ME drive now that you've made the backup).

So the .bak file is just an image for safe keeping then?

So in the command that I'm having trouble with, I can set my machine up to be:

c: Tivo original - aka hda
d: Tivo new drive - aka hdb
e: cdrom - aka hdc

so the command would be:
mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hda | mfsrestore - s 172 -xzpi - /dev/hdb

and this would mean that I'm moving the data from the hda to hdb is this correct?

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Yes, the .bak file is for safekeeping, and yes, that's the right command given the configuration.

So far so good. I decided to get the backup out of the way while I wait for the drive and bracket to be delivered.

One suggestion: You give the impression that the progress indicator will come up almost immediately on mfsbackup, but mine stood at "Scanning source drive" for several minutes. Might make some people nervous.

BTW, you don't need to ask about version 2.5 with HDVR2 and similar. No such version.
absolutely gorgeous! two big thumbs up to the weakness folks!
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