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CoryTV said:
I've ordered a channel master 4221 to see if that helps at all. My #s for the "big 4" are all near 90 with almost no fluctuation, so this is a bit confusing.. No buildings near me, and I have it on the second floor, so it shouldn't have any multipath issues at all!

Does the HDTivo's OTA tunner just plain suck?
A) This sounds more like a hard drive going bad (unless it only happens on the OTA channels.
B) Yes, the OTA tuner sucks on the HR10-250. Others with standalone HD tuners (either the H10 or a built-in ATSC tuner) based on the more recent "chip sets" have a lot better luck with any marginal signals. Given you statement about "90" (which is very high for signal quality) it makes me suspicious that you're having some other kind of problem (not unheard of).
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