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wozman57 said:
Just got my HR10-250 today. I noticed on 2 of my 5 local HD OTA channels when "decoded" by the Tivo box, the signal is to low to retain a constant signal (actually, it goes back and forth from 80+ signal strength, back to 10, then back to 80+ ... seemingly randomly on both OTA tuners). On my new HD sony 50' LCD projection (which has it's own HDTV tuner), all 5 local channels come in great.

Has anybody else experienced this? Via process of elimination, I have ruled out a bad connection.

Would it be advised that I get an antenna high gain signal amplifier?
I had a similar problem. The tuners on my Hughes HTL-HD, voom box, LG LST-3510A and the Directv H20 all got more channels with better strength than the HR10-250. I asked for an in warranty replacement and the advanced replacement unit they sent me had even worse reception for over the air. I finally opened up the box and wondereed if the problem might be where the ota signal comes into the HR10-250 or in the interior cabling that runs from the back panel connection to the 2 tuners inside the unit. I tried hooking up the OTA antenna leads directly to the ATSC tuners inside the box and all my reception problems were eliminated. I tried replacing the cables from the back panel to the ATSC tuners without success so my conclusion is that the problem for me was occurring when the HR10-250 split the OTA signal to the 2 ATSC tuners. Now I just feed the signal into the box directly by running a cables through a vent hole and directly connecting to the ATSC tuners.
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