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Tried a WD20EURX as detailed in forums here and ross walker.

The page says "Western Digital Store", but the seller may be OEM. My seller MDTECHUSA.com is no longer listed 1 month later.

Drive worked fine with various PC's w/old and new (UEFI) bios)

Drive Passed short WD diagnostic tests.

My Roamio (846-0001-9043-48EB) does not recognize & then boot with this drive attached.

Other (smaller) drives I tried were recognized immediately and were formatted with the TiVo O/S as expected. So it could be size matters.

Also tried zeroing drive (probably a waste of time), since Roamio will reformat anyway.

I also looked into the PUIS (Power Up In Standby) feature, but nothing suggested that was an issue: The setting was off. Also, you can hear the drive spin up at boot time on a PC and TiVo.

I would not recommend this drive:
Others have said it's compatible, so my experience may be limited to this one drive.

My drive dated 27 FEB 2019 (2+ years old) is not a new drive (as in manufactured recently), nor under warranty from WD.

The seller is reselling drives from old inventory. The packaging was not original. They warranty the drive, not WD. The drive may be new, meaning 0 hours of use, but even with Covid related supply chain issues I expect a drive to made within 6 months of sale.

The seller's presence in the US is IMO "sketchy". A domain lookup of MDTECHUSA.com shows their registration details are private. Meaning you may have a warranty with no one in a few months. Further research on Amazon shows a full business address with a phone number just a few miles from me.

In fairness, I will report that the seller responded to my email right away; arranged for prompot direct return (RMA), without going through the usual Amazon process. This may save them money, or it may keep their return record private, so Amazon is not aware.

I would be happy to hear that I am wrong and should just go get another drive, same model.

Vote here:
WD20EURX Roamio Compatability? OEM = No WD Warranty Poll

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