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I had the same set up as you and decided I would like to watch DTivo in the bedroom too. I also had the problem of my kids taking over the tivo unit not allowing me to watch.

What I did was replace by regular receiver with another DTivo unit, but placed them both in the living room. Both Units are hooked to my main entertainment center by the composite outputs. I ran the Sat. cables directly to the living room by passing by pre-wired cable in the house. I then hooked up the RF out on the DTivo units to an IR a/b video switch (Radio Shack). Then hooked the switch up to the pre-wired cable going to my living room. This distributes the DTivo signal back to the cable junction then on to all the other cable jacks in the house.

I control the DTivos and the a/b switch via Leapfrog IR Blasters. You will need a remote for each location. (I have Harmonys)

This way I have two other TV's (bedroom & basement) that can access either DTivo unit and the kids have their own DVR.
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