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watch saved shows on deactivated TiVo without access card?

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I have searched this site (and others) but still not quite clear on the answer to this question. I understand that an R10 box can still be used to watch saved shows if you disconnect the satellite before canceling DirecTV service, but do you still need the access card installed?

DirecTV wants the access card returned to them. Will I still be able to watch saved shows without an access card?

One post I saw said his series 1 works without the card but I can't find mention of the case for series 2.

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I'm pretty sure that your Tivo will need its access card to view those old recordings, but I'm not 100% sure.
No access card is needed to view, but you'll get a nag message for a while saying "insert access card".
Yes, you need a card to get rid of the nag screen, but it can be any smart card, it doesn't have to be directv access card. My laundry card gets rid of the nag screen. :)
Thanks for help. That is funny about the laundry card. I may have to try something like that.
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