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Waiting for "transferring data from syndication.twitter.com"

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I use FF 81.0 on Win10. I use NoScript, but have Twitter.com in the trusted category.

This morning threads never finish loading, in the tab header there's a blue dot bouncing left-right indicating that the page is waiting for something, and at the bottom left of the page FF displays "Transferring data from syndication.twitter.com" but it never resolves.

This doesn't happen when loading forums or sub-forums, only threads, whether or not I've loaded that page, and whether or not there is embedded twitter content (e.g. the thread "Covid-19 Vaccines: where are we now"

I am getting many (10 or or more) NoScript warnings of potential XSS, e.g.

NoScript detected a potential Cross-Site Scripting attack
from TiVoCommunity Forum to Sign in - Google Accounts.
Suspicious data:
Error: Timeout! DOS attack attempt?,(URL) https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth..._features__#rpctoken=2104463770&forcesecure=1
Once I click on "Block" for each warning then the page completes loading. There is another choice "Always block document requests from TiVoCommunity Forum to Sign in - Google Accounts". These script blocks have occurred occasionally in the past couple of weeks but today it's happening on every page.

eta: there were 16 Block requests just to post this thread here.

I know FF is a fringe browser these days, thought I'd post in case other folks come across this.
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Well, the problem went away. Didn't come back even after closing browser. So maybe it was a twitter-syndication problem after all.
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