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Volume Fluctuations on Recorded Shows

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I have noticed that the volume of recorded shows fluctuates during playback. It's not the standard fluctuations one gets when commercials come on, it's during the program. The volume will spike and then get lower, etc. I know it's common for people to have a low playback volume, that's not really the problem, it's that the volume fluctuates frequently during playback. Has anyone else had this problem? I have no cable box, so it has nothing to do with cable box volume. I have series 2.
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What brand/model TV do you have? How is the Tivo connected to the TV (inputs/outputs, cables, connectors)?
I noticed it while watching Modern Marvels (recorded not live) on the History channel. SD DVR40 (401.b) connected to a 32" Sony Wega TV with svideo cable, RCA cables for sound.
Our Tivo is hooked up with standard RCA cables and Svideo. I hadn't noticed the sound fluctuations for a while...until I watched tonight's recorded episode of Gilmore Girls. The sound fluctuated a lot within the program (not commercials). Any ideas?
Oh yeah and it's a 32" Panasonic. I'm not exactly sure which model, it could be CT-27E13, CT-32E13, CT-36E13, CT-G3353 or CR-G3353X, the book covers them all.
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