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This is a repost from the Cableforum site currently tested on the

Samsung STB ex NTL Region by me and Pace 4010 ex NTL (by the original poster)

press the red button or even enter the PIN.

1) Go into the 'Locked Channels' section of the 'Settings' Menu.
you will need the PIN for this bit so the kiddies shouldn't be able to do it.
2) Move down to the movie channels and lock the channel and then unlock it again.
3) Do this for each of the required channels. (basically all sky movies)

You should now be able to switch between the movie channels without a PIN or red button as if they were any other channel. This is how the system should work for us adults that dont have kiddies around.

Note this will remain working for a single day at the moment unless soneone finds a hack

note to moderator can this be made sticky ?

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The Ofcom requirements simply do not cater for Adult-only households (which I believe is wrong). Sadly, they say that the PIN is prompted for every time the channel is tuned to, which is why both Sky and the cable companies have done what they've done. If there was any loophole Ofcom would be on the case pretty quickly - I'm surprised it even lasts a day!
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