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I'm new to this forum as I just received my new TiVo unit...the Humax T2500 (300 Hour) :D . I got it working and have learned how to use it for the most part, and I absolutely love it. Until now, I knew absolutely nothing about TiVo :confused: .

I am just wondering about two things...

1) Is there any way I could view my TiVo shows (or live TV) through my computer, just as if my PC was my TV with the TiVo (pause, rewind, record live TV as well as watch previously recorded shows)? I have a notebook PC and am running Windows XP. It has a wireless a/b/g PCI card built in, USB 2.0 ports, and Bluetooth. I also have a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router hooked up to my broadband connection. I have the TiVo connected to my phone line through a wall jack.

2) Can I burn shows or movies that I have stored on TiVo onto a DVD? I have an internal CD Burner/DVD Viewer, but I have an external dual layer DVD burner that I use along with my notebook PC.

I know there are TV Tuners out there, but I have a notebook PC, so I couldn't use my pci card slot. I would need a device that works through my USB port. Before I purchased TiVo, I tried out Hauppauge's WinTV-PVR-USB2. I was able to view my TV through my PC, but I since I have a cable box, I couldn't set up the tuner to record shows in the future since I had to manually change the channel each time I wanted to record something. Basically, all I was able to do was view, pause, rewing & record live tv as I watch it...1 show at a time. I just returned it.

I heard about the Sling Media, but haven't heard anything about its performance.

I also heard about this new device that is due out Spring 2006...it is Monsoon Multimedia's "HAVA". There is an article and a video clip about it at the cnet website.

I saw that there is a feature for TiVo, called "TiVoToGo". Is this what I am looking for? Or, is there some way I can configure my TiVo to do these things?

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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You can't directly control the TiVo from its network connection, nor view Live TV. You can only transfer completed recordings with ToGo..

Slingbox will let you control your DVR from your PC, and view LiveTV.
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