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I have had my Series 2 for two years now and have loved every minute of it. But lately- the last two weeks, the picture has begun to go crazy and the audio quits as well. Right in the middle of the show- whatever it is, it just goes crazy. It will stay like that until we change the channel and then when we go back, it will be right again for a few more minutes and then it will do it again. It seems to come back itself when the program resumes from a commercial break.

I have Comcast digital in Atlanta GA and all in all, it has been pretty good. About 6 weeks ago the whole thing- cable, internet, VoiP, all of it went south and we had nothing for about 5 days. The service man, the cable guy, said that it was trouble with their equipment in the neighborhood and we were not the only ones affected.

So does this sound like a cable glitch or a TiVo glitch? The colors change to the wrong ones and the audio stops altogether. Sometimes the TiVo BlueScreen that says "Can't show live TV" comes up. I need to know who's chain to rattle.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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