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I have two very old Tivos that I bought Lifetime service for. I heard recently about Tivo offering service to new boxes for $99.00 on old Tivos if you buy a new Tivo. Is that true because if so I could get going on Tivo again. Both machines still run but the fans on them are loud and I stopped using them. I was considering a new one with new service but the $400 savings would make the decision easier.

I had this offer was over now but wondering do they run these every once in awhile. I could subscribe to their news and wait for another one.
Unfortunately no way to know if they'll offer another similar deal but it was dependent on the units being S2/S3/HD/HDXL models and active/connecting to TiVo between March 2016 and March 2017. When did you stop using these as if before March 28, 2016 you wouldn't have received the offer in e-mail (assuming your mail preferences are correct with your TiVo account). Looking at your signature, only your S2 would have qualified. Service for the S1's was discontinued last fall so I would not expect to see any more offers for those, but you could always call and see what they can do for you.

1 Only TiVo Series2/Series3, HD and HDXL DVRs with Product Lifetime service that have connected to the TiVo service between 3/28/16 and 3/28/17 qualify.

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