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I have two very old Tivos that I bought Lifetime service for. I heard recently about Tivo offering service to new boxes for $99.00 on old Tivos if you buy a new Tivo. Is that true because if so I could get going on Tivo again. Both machines still run but the fans on them are loud and I stopped using them. I was considering a new one with new service but the $400 savings would make the decision easier.

I had this offer was over now but wondering do they run these every once in awhile. I could subscribe to their news and wait for another one.

Anyone know?
1. Offers like this--which are rare--have required that a TiVo be "active," such as having connected up to TiVo within the past year. If I were you, I would have my boxes connect up to TiVo every month or few months.

2. This offer ended a couple of weeks ago. However, there have been reports of some people getting it after-the-fact, by calling in to TiVo. You might want to try--after first having your boxes make a connection to TiVo. A telephone call is cheap.

3. Some people have reported here that TiVo reps. have said that there will/could be similar future-such promotions. All the more reason to have your boxes be current, calling in to TiVo, and checking here.
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