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Veronica Mars 5/10 "Leave it to Beaver" *Spoilers*

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WOW! Aaron Echols was having an affair with Lilly! So who do you think knocked on Veronica's door at the end? I am guessing Duncan...
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Who's your daddy?? :D

A most excellent episode. Nice twists, tension, scariness!


So, was it Logan or Duncan at the door?? I'm just not sure. Probably Duncan.
My question is what happened to Logan? Did Weevil and his gang beat him up? Kill him?

As to who was at the door... I'm leaning towards Wallace. Although anyone is possible.

I really want to see bad stuff happen to Veronica's mom. I should say further bad stuff.

Good stuff. :up: :up: :up:
bentleyml said:
My question is what happened to Logan? Did Weevil and his gang beat him up? Kill him?
My guess, Veronica was about to make another call following the call to her dad just as the scene closed. I think she was calling Weevil.

Good point on Wallace being at the door! She did call his mom to go to the hospital, that might have been the trigger to send him to Veronica's.
Yeah good point on Wallace. Was her mom stealing the big check at the end?
they all suck. i hated it....ok i didnt hate it but i want to know more more more....yeah i never thought of wallace...now thats just another one in the mix....was that the season finale???? Im so ticked...did i say i want to know more...im so sad and pitiful that this bothers me so much huh.
markp99 said:
Yes, she was! :down:
That'll be good for S02E01 and 02 for next season, right? Veronica should have hunting her mom down to a science by now ;)
I thought it was a good episode. I really thought that Celeste was going to be the one who killed Lily. I thought the climactic confrontation with Aaron was a little bit intense - felt more like a Lethal Weapon movie than a Veronica Mars episode!

I'm betting it was Duncan at the end. I think Veronica has chosen against Logan too many times for him to give her another chance. My guess is season two will start with him hating her as much as he did at the beginning of season one.

Leann Mars is an evil witch. I can't figure out how she and Keith stayed together for 15 or 16 years or however long. And I can't believe she took the money! Evil. She blew Veronia's college money and then she stole the replacement money.
I'll take my credit now :)

OUTSTANDING season finale. Solved the big mystery in an interesting, twisting, but logically consistent manner. Involved all of the major characters in some way or another (though we didn't get much Wallace). Finally resolved Veronica's paternity (and it was PERFECT, with her signing unquestionably before she knew). And left plenty of threads dangling for next season.

1. What's up with Mommy - she definitely stole the $50,000 check at the end (though Keith is probably due a much larger reward check for solving Lilly's murder).
2. What happened with the Weevil/Logan showdown? (See the next comment for my partial answer)
3. Who was at Veronica's door (I'm betting Logan - we start next season with him explaining to Veronica how he got out of the showdown).
4. Where's the Keith/Wallace's Mom relationship going? (I gotta guess that the divorce papers get filed and Keith starts moving on).
5. What will happen with the Kanes with regard to the obstruction of justice charge? What happens to Logan if they have to do a bit of time?
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I started watching this show late and came to this forum even later,and I just wanted to say a few things.First,kudos to all you regulars on here-the insight you bring to this show is truely amazing.Reading over last weeks thread and seeing how much of what was said on here turned out to be important in this episode...wow.You guys know this show well,and I have to admit I can't see myself watching it without checking this board afterwards-it adds alot to an already great viewing experience.So,thank you all.
I have to agree this was an excellent finale to a very interesting season-some real heart touching moments,esp,Veronica's reaction when she finds out Keith is her father,and her rush of I love yous when hes seriously hurt...but the best moment had to be the dog in the car when Aaron got in-priceless!
I've been getting crappy HD reception on UPN lately, but I soldiered through the pixellation and audio dropouts. Wow, that was very impressive. It made very good use of Harry Hamlin being a regular guest star all season.

I'm disappointed that Leann screwed up again, but hey, it happens.

I'm excited that the way is clear for Duncan and Veronica to have some trials and tribulations.
Echoing everything everyone said. I'm not sure I could have scripted a better finale. Tense, emotional, suspenseful, the usual dose of humor -- fantastic. My one quibble is (as it usually is) with Weevil. He was, overall, not the most necessary character this season. The only way they could get him in this episode at all was to, in the clumsiest of plot contrivances, just happen to have him inside the doorway of an empty classroom as Veronica just happened to be outside the same doorway discussing the possibility with her dad that Logan was the killer. Granted this set up a bit of a cliffhanger with Logan and Weevil at the end (no doubt on the same bridge where Logan's mom jumped; nice touch) but there were probably other ways to have gotten there that wouldn't have been started so artificially. I'm also not terribly fond of the killer in the back seat device, especially since Veronica's car is a convertible. It wouldn't exactly have been hard to see him back there. But these are a minor complaints overall.

As for who the killer is, I had been mostly avoiding speculation in recent episode threads, preferring to either hatch my own theory or just be surprised. Lately I've been thinking about Roger Ebert's Law of Economy of Characters, which essentially says that biggest name actor with the least to do is most likely whodunnit. On that basis, I had concluded that it was likely to be Aaron, and after the camera in the poolhouse last week I was feeling pretty confident. I'm happy to have been right, and even happier that it didn't turn out to spoil this terrific episode in the slightest.

Can anyone think of any clues during the season that were left hanging? One that I can think of is the note inside Lilly's pen that Weevil broke into the Kane mansion to steal a few eps back. The implication was that the note was significant in some way, but we never revisited it. One possibility is that the note was the one that Logan left that never turned up, but I doubt that. Another is that the whole thing was a red herring, and still another is that it's just a plot hole. Any ideas? Any other similar details anyone can think of?

Anyway, a strong end to a very strong season of a great show. I'm excited that it is coming back next year. Can't wait to see what's in store.
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Agreed on the pen thing. I thought Veronica was going back to Lilly's room to find Logan's note in the pen. They really dropped that thread.
Pretty good episode, but I thought there would be one more twist at the end; it kind of disappointed me it was Aaron Echols. I don't know why.

My bet is on Wallace being at the door at the end. I think Veronica made that last call to Weevil to find Logan and explain everything. Yeah, I'm not the first to say it, but I'm too lazy to go find the post and quote it. :)

They should have left more hanging at the end. I wish they would have had Veronica be Kane's daughter... it would have added a huge dynamic to the show and lots of issues that would have provided great dramatic fodder. They played the Mom thing perfectly... giving Veronica closure on that issue.

All in all things were wrapped up a little too neatly for my taste. It's like they didn't expect to be renewed next season, and wanted to wrap up the DVD set in a nice bow to sell to fans. :)

I did enjoy it though. I'm just being nitpicky.
I thought the opposite, i thought they might have changed the script, or filmed new scenes BECAUSE they were picked up for next season.

They left a lot open. I'm not sure a show that was filmed without the knowledge of them coming back would leave that Logan/Weevil thing open like that.

On this show, that wouldn't really surprise me... When has this show ever wrapped thing up in a pretty little bow? I'm pretty sure that the ending would have been the same even if they didn't get a second season.

But, wow, what a fantastic episode to cap off a fantastic season! There was a lot of resolution, and everything seemed to flow so naturally it didn't feel rushed. My hat's really off to the show's writers. This has consistently been one of the best written shows on network TV. I put the writing right up where with Deadwood, Carnivale and The Shield. I know none of those are on network TV, but the best show at the moment are on cable. Battlestar Galactica, The Dead Zone, and Nip/Tuck are right up there with them.

I'm so looking forward to this show's Sophomore Season...
I was a little bit disappointed with the solution of the murder too-it seemed almost convenient and more than a little too neat.But strangely,that gives me higher hopes for the next season,because the episode was still very good.I'm glad they're concentrating more on the characters and less on a killer twist ending for the show's appeal.
This may be a stretch but...

With all this happening, Weevil read's the note in the pen, it is the note from Logan. Weevil realizes that it is NOT Logan who killed Lilly, and talks him down from killing himself. They have been shown to have a connection of sorts in the past. Not really friends, but they seem to get each other.

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