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I believe I successfully used WinMFS to backup/restore from my native TiVo HD drive to a Seagate DB35 750 gb drive. Tivo powers up and locks me into setting up where I've got to dial out step. Haven't dug behind my directv TiVo yet as I'm filling it up to just use as a player after I've switched to Verizon Fios, and I won't have cablecards till install date.

I'm assuming that because it took me through setup smooth that it worked, but I'd really like to see the screen where it lists the availabld hd space to be truly convinced.

Is there anyway to do this without going through full setup?
Maybe with phone line connected but no cable cards if needed?
Or do I have to wait till cablecards are installed?



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You need to look at the System Info screen but you can't do that until completing guided setup. You can do Setup with a phone line or broadband, and it makes no difference whether you have cable cards installed or not. Some people never get cablecards for it at all.
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