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rmayer99 said:
May I jump in and ask a related question?

1. I connect the coaxial cable from the cable company directly into the Tivo RF Input (no converter is involved).

2. I set the RF-Out on the Tivo to Channel 4.

3. I connect the Tivo's RF-Out to my TV's RF-In. The TV has no other RF source, either cable or antenna.

My question is, can I use the TV tuner to view stations on the cable other than what is coming across from the Tivo on Channel 4? Or is the TV forced to view whatever the Tivo is putting out?

I want to avoid having to split the cable in order for the TV viewer to have the ability to watch whatever cable channel they want, independent of the Tivo.

Thanks in advance,

Rob from AZ
You can do this only when the Tivo is in standby. In that case, it will still record whatever it has been scheduled to, but pass through the unaltered cable signal via the RF cable as well. Standby is an option from Messages and Settings, I believe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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