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stevela123 said:
Thank you for the suggestions. A couple of follow ups.

Your alternative explanation explains how to avoid having to power the VCR on.

However, you say they don't need to split the cable coming in. Just select a recording from now playing while Tivo records something else.

Maybe I'm not understanding something, but my folks are old school. Let's use an example that will happen tonight (monday, Jan. 16). They have set Tivo to record tonight's showing of 24. While it's recording they want to be able to simultaneously watch the Golden Globe awards that are on at the same time tonight. Under your setup, can this be done?
He's forgetting that his method of using Tivo won't be the same as someone elses (TiVo, TV your way). Some people still want to be able to watch "live TV" when two shows are on at the same time and only one can be recorded by Tivo.

Here's how I would do the set up

One of the rf plits to rf input on the vcr and then the vcr rf output to the TV.
Second rf split goes to the Tivo rf in and the Tivo composite (rca) output to the TV composite input.
If it's necessary to record Tivo programs to the vcr then connect the other Tivo composite output to the vcr composite input.
The vcr can be used on channel 3/4 the way vcrs have traditionally been used for decades - you can even record something on the vcr and watch something else using the TV's tuner. Tivo can be viewd by changing the TV to video input.
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