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Two questions, three answers. :)

OK, first,

stevela123 said:
They wanted me to split the incoming cable signal so they could watch a program while recording something on Tivo.
You don't need to split the cable to watch a program while Tivo records something else. Just select a recording from Now Playing.

So, 2 questions. (1) why does the VCR need to be powered on. (2) With the red/white/yellow cables run the way I have, why do I still need the RF cable running from the DVR out to the VCR in?
(1) Because you've used the RCA inputs on the VCR, which are powered inputs. When the VCR is turned off, the RCAs will also be turned off.

(2) Because only the RF is an unpowered input that will remain active when the electronics are turned off.

The solution to your problem is this: move the tivo's RCA outputs away from the VCR and put them directly to the TV. You'll watch Tivo off these inputs, and will be able to record from tivo to VCR over the RF.
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