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Using your TiVo for its Harddrive?

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I just got directv and sadly with there free DVR (not free, $7 a month) I dont need Tivo (after almost 10 years). I like TiVo better but I cant see wasting $20+ a month for it. Also I hate that I have to buy TiVo again to get netflix (first I had to upgrade to dual,now netflix)
I thought I could use to my tivo's harddrive to give me more space. Save movies from directv on to it, and maybe even, some how, get my netflix over the wii saved to the TiVo. If I do not keep a monthly fee can I use the harddrive or does TiVo lock it up like XM does with the inno mp3 player?
Also can I still send saved stuff from 1 tivo to another tivo even if I am not paying the monthly fee? I guess what I am asking is what does the fee give me other than the listing guide?
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Once you cancel the monthly subscription.. that Tivo becomes a paper weight. You cannot transfers shows to or from it.
With an unsubscribed TiVo you can watch shows which were previously recorded on it and pause, rewind, etc live tv. Pretty much everything else requires a subscription.
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