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I'd not look at doing this. VoIP is great for voice, but to do fax, or modem (which Tivo is), any jitter or packet loss will drop the connection. You really need fax or modem relay working to get this to work across VoIP successfully.

I'd suggest keeping it either pluged into a phone line, or get the ethernet card and do an internet based daily call.


Paul555 said:
I want to ditch my standard phone line (which is only really used by TiVO to make its call) and switch to a voip provider such as Sipgate. I will use a Voip adaptor such as the Linksys Pap2.

Will the daily call work over Voip? If you have got it to work can to tell me how and which provider you are using (it would need to allow 0800 numbers I presume?)

Thanks for any advice.
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