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soloredd said:
I am seriously thinking about purchasing a TiVo to use with Comcast digital cable (+HD) instead of using the Comcast DVR. A few questions I have, though:

1) Can I use TiVo for HD programs and then send those to my Pioneer 220-S DVD recorder?

2) Are all TiVo machines 2-tuner capable or should I shop for a particular model?

3) If anyone has had experience with the Comcast DVR, which would you suggest to be better...TiVo or Comcast?

4) I've done some reading on initial set-up and I understand I have to use a landline to do the initial set up. But, after that, can I then use my wireless network (or ethernet) to do the connecting?

Thanks alot for any answers/additional information. I appreciate it! :)
1. No

2. Only DirecTV models

3. Depends on what version of the dual tuner Comcast DVR you have. The Motorola's with MSIPG and iGuide versions are good but the SA ones aren't so hot from what I understand and I find it similar but missing the Suggestions and Wishlists which sorta suck.
4. Yes via either a wireless USB adapter or wired.
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