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I've been a Tivo customers for years. I've had the series 2, series 3, and now also have the Premiere. I love Tivo, but am also getting frustrated with it. Since October, Tivo has been aware of a problem that it has with Comcast. I don't know the technicalities of the issue, but on the user end I am well aware.

The program guide is not able to recognize many of the channels. Most of those channels are in HD; and without it recognizing the channels, it does not have the programming for those channels, and therefore, I am not able to record them. So while I would otherwise have the opportunity to tivo Comedy Central in HD, I have to settle for the SD channel, because that's the only channel tivo can recognize.

Customer service only tells me that it has been reported and they are working on it. Stock answer. Means nothing.

Aside from that I have no issue. But you would have to admit, that's a big issue.
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