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Using pyTivo: Multiple My Video folders

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After downloading a metadata program so that I can transfer episodic shows in their own folder, everything worked fine. After deciding to keep using pyTivo, I uninstalled TiVo Desktop since I wouldn't upgrade to Plus. Now even if I turn off my PC, I get 4 My Video folders at the bottom of the My Shows page. Prior to using this metadata generator, there was only 1 My Video folder which would disappear as soon as I powered my PC down.

This is how my video folder is arranged.

EXTERNAL drive:My Videos/Show 1/Show 2/Show 3/Show 4/Show 5

What could be keeping these extra folders staying on the My Shows page?
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It's not the metadata generator, nor the uninstallation of TD. The problem is that you're not doing a proper shutdown of pyTivo -- which isn't your fault, really, because it's hard to even do it properly in Windows. A proper shutdown with pyTivo.py relies on the KeyboardInterrupt event (SIGINT in *nix), and sends out a message to clean up the shares. Without this, the dead shares will linger, although they should still disappear after a time.

I'm guessing you used the "Windows Installer". Yes? You might see improvement by ditching that, and set pyTivo up by following these instructions. This uses pyTivoService.py, which (unlike pyTivo.py) is actually designed to run as a service under Windows.
Thank you. Will try this when I get home.
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