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Using IR with Cable Box and works okay. But 3 second delay. Will 9-pin adapter work..

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faster? I have a Comcast Digital Cable box made by Scientific Atlanta, so it doesn't have the 9-pin adapter in the back. I called Comcast to see if they have a Motorola box that I could trade my Scientific Atlanta in for. Will this help me out?

Whenever I change channels on the "Box" tuner the info banner from Comcast pops up for the current channel. The picture dips to black. The picture pops back up for a second, goes away, and then the new channel comes up.

Perhaps I just need a better code for my IR blasters? But it just seems that hard-wiring it to a Motorala box would give me the quickest results.

Sorry if this topic has been discussed before. I spent 30 minutes searching and couldn't find it.

Would a Cable-Card work the best? Although I'd hate to not have the HBO-On Demand feature.

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There will always be a 3-second delay with the standalone tivo. That is the delay between recording start and playback start. Set season passes for everything you watch, stop watching live TV, and this will not be a problem.

Cablecards will not work with a Series 2.
Thanks for the reply. Do you know if the 9-pin adapter will work any faster than the IR blaster?
Not much faster, but perhaps more reliable. There will always be some delay.
But the 9-pin adapter is not enabled on all the STB's. It is dependent on the local cable provider. As to Comcast it depends on your location.

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