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Okay, I am going to tell you up front that I only know enough about this to be dangerous, so please speak slowly (or pretend you're explaining to a five year old).

We have an HR10-250 that we bought from a friend who doesn't have DirecTv any longer, and we're having some issues getting it set up. We have had TiVo before, but not the Hughes receiver - just a series 2 unit that was easier to setup.

Am I correct in understanding that your home wireless network cannot be used for updates?

Short of having a landline installed, what are our options for updating?

And finally, the dumbest question - if we're getting satellite updates (which we are - the schedule is updating), why do we need to access TiVo as well?


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The phone line is not needed. If you are able to record shows now and can get the guide data... I would not worry about it.

After a period of time you will get daily reminders from the Tivo to make your phone call... just delete them.

When the new update comes... I would imagine that you would be able to use a network adapter. Since I hear the update will enable Directv's Remote Booking.

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I was able to get daily calls to work with Vonage...actually, only the R10-250 HDTiVo gave me fits and required using some of the set up tips from here and the Vonage forum (had to change the dialing prefix and think I used a NY number to call in to...my other two DTiVos dialed fine with no changes.

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I use

Dial Prefix:


Call Waiting Prefix

Phone Avail Check OFF
Dial Tone Detect OFF

The dial in number stays whatever you have..... the prefix takes care of it.

For clarity, this is my directivo with vonage.

You're fighting a small bandwidth war when you do it.

I usually try late at night. And I disable the wireless card in any running laptop.
(Or disconnect computer ethernet cables).

You can try without the computer disconnects, but if it doesn't work, try to elimnate anything taking up bandwidth while you make the call.


If you don't order anything, then you'll be fine.

However, DELETE those annoying messages about the reminder call-in. Aka, don't let that queue fill up.
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