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derrick111 said:
Hello, this is my 1st post... I have taken the hard drive out of my old TiVo and want to use it in my computer. I am more fammiliar with electronics, but I have enough experiance with computers that I should be able to do this with a little help. My problem is that the hard drive only shows about 600MB free space left when I tried to put Win2000 on it. I assume it's because there is already a bounch of video and OS already on there... I couldn't figue out how to format it. Someone suggested that this is because TiVo used Linux and it's a "stronger" OS then Windows so I will have to figure out some way to reformat it so I can use it in my computer. Help! Please :confused:
Thanks so much!
Put it in a system as a "slave" drive and format it using the command prompt in windows 2000 or whatever os u wana run. but youll also have to delete the MFS partition that the tivo drive has.
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