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I have a need for recording audio, police scanner calls. I've been searching for a TIVO like experience in the audio world and it just doesn't seem to exist. Or rather, if it does it is nowhere as near as nice as the TIVO experience.

I need the 30 minute buffer capability TIVO provides so I can go back and re-listen to what was just said.

I don't need 750 hours of recording time, just the 30 minute buffer that I can rewind while the TIVO keeps recording live....

From a hardware standpoint I am considering feeding my police scanner audio output into a TIVO Series One's rear RCA audio in ports. I have no need for video, but I suppose if required I could provide a dummy feed if needed.

If I buy a working Phillips PTV-100 (I think this may be known as a HDR-112) or PTV-300 unit off of EBay will I have any setup issues? Will the unit work as needed without a call to TIVO?

Even though $40 or so dollars is not going to break the bank I hate to waste money on something that has zero chance of getting off the ground.

Thank you for your expertise.
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