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Uses for a Series 1 souped-up tivo?

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Ok, so I have a Phillips Series 1 tivo with a turbonet wireless card and a 80gb hard drive upgrade in it. Was using it on my bedroom tv, but just switched to satellite from digital cable and no longer have a cable box in the bedroom. This has rendered this tivo useless in my eyes. I have a Series 2 in my tv room and that is humming along fine. I called tivo to cancel the account on the series 1 only to find out that I am locked into a year contract which I would have to pay to break. So my question to all you guys and gals is, what should I do with this unit? Is there anything else I can use it for, perhaps something I haven't thought of? Can it be made into a media server for my network? Would it work in any other capacity? I don't want to pay the money for another satellite box or I would just do that. Any suggestions would be appreciated, no matter how crazy they may sound. Thanks!

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If you don't have a satellite DVR, it can also work with that.
I currently have my series 2 hooked up to my satellite receiver in my tv room. Just wanted to see if there is any other uses for a series 1 tivo with no receiver to hook it too.
Since it is hacked, you can transfer programs to it from your series 2
Really, how would I do that? Is there a way to have the series 1 show up on my series 2 or something. I never knew this was possible. Any details would be greatly appreciated.
You need to do some searching on the "other forum" for that info - off the series one with some hacks, then onto the series 2
Do a search for Sandertons synchronising 2 tivos mod. Probably the other place is better for this
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