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I upgrade the hard drive in my Tivo and I am now trying to use the old hard drive to install Debian on my computer. I first installed the hard drive and booted into DOS. I tried to fdisk the hard drive but kept getting errors that I could not delete partitions while a logical volume existed. I would then try to delete logical volumes and it said there were none. I could also not format the drive.

I tried installing Debian to it anyway. I made it through the base install no problem and it even partitioned okay. Shortly after installing I would start getting all kinds of error, which after 2 weeks of playing with it I figured out was hard drive problems. Last night I took an old quantum bigfoot I had laying around threw that in my computer and was able to install Debian no problem.

My question is this. Is this hard drive completely toast or do I need to do something special to it to get it to work for Debian?

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