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ZeoTiVo said:
now USB drivers for wireless adpaters are only available to TiVo from open source. The vendors of the hardware do not make the LINUX drivers.
In point of fact: the TiVo wireless-g drivers are closed source and appear to be supplied by the chip hardware vendor.

The CNXTSPDriver.o module used on the 7.x TiVo's to support 802.11g devices is closed source. Some relevant strings it contains:
description=Conexant Spinnaker/Cohiba Device Driver
(c)opyright 2003 Intersil
Intersil originally developed the Prism wireless lan chips, then sold the division to Conexant.

Another wireless-g driver, isl38sm_usb.o, also is proprietary, and was authored by AbsoluteValue Systems.

None of this changes the upshot of the conversation: wired is significantly faster than wireless on the TiVo, for now. There's some hope this might eventually change when TiVo releases a TiVo branded wireless-G device. 7.2.1 appears to include support for this device, as evidenced by these lines in /etc/hotplug/usb.map:
device usb-cdc
    product 150a 1010 TiVo Wireless G
    product 150a 1011 TiVo Wireless G
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