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US TiVo Customer Email List Hacked

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Does this affect UK users, does anyone know?


I'm just compiling a list, as I've been receiving a huge increase in spam now, in the last five days, at an email address, I use with Air Miles (UK) and Marks and Spencer, that were all affected by the Epsilon hack, 30/31 March 2011. (Play (UK) uses different company, but were also hacked!)

Doesn't take a computer analyst, a lot to work out across, three seperate databases, they got a live email address.
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yes, that wasn't my question - my question as posted in the TiVo Series 1 - UK, does it affect us Brits!

I didn't know if the TiVo US and UK databases were the same?

So do you know?
TiVo never had my e-mail address, as far as I know.
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