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Hi Im new here so I dont know if this is the right place to post this..here goes.

I have an LG 37" 37LC4 LCD TV with a MKJ32022813 Remote Control.
Which I am trying to get to work with my Philips DVDR 3380 Recorder.

I do not have a remote manual on how to programme the code in which i think is 521.

Does anyone know on how to do this. :confused:

Many Thanks.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.

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do a code search
1 - hold the TiVo and TV power buttons until the red light flashes
2 - press the channel up button repeatedly until the TV turns off
3 - press enter

I do this everytime I'm looking to buy a TV. I actually carry a spare TiVo remote to the retail store. If the TV I'm interested in can't be controlled by the TiVo peanut, I'm no longer interested.

Hope this helps,
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