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I think it DOES have a direction. They're just not spoon-feeding it to us, and too many people lack the patience to enjoy that kind of slow-burn show.

Which is too bad, because as the outlines of the direction start to settle in, it is becoming one of my favorite shows.
The topper was the sherriff convincing the now-two armed Lucas to cut his arm off. Huh? What on earth could convince him to do that?
This was discussed at length in the thread for that episode. Some feel that the Sheriff was able to manipulate him due to the combination of his religious fervor and the intense confusion that newly-born aliens seem to feel. In short, he preyed on his weakness.
And the whole "Dave captive" scenario was beyond stupid. They're all on the same side, not revealing anything, and getting nowhere fast.
Yeah, but it makes sense--the only people who have a clue that something is going on are either government agents or conspiracy freaks, and conspiracy freaks are paranoid enough not to trust anybody. I suspect it's when Ranger Bob gets sucked in, and brings a little common sense into the Resistence, that they start to become effective.
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